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What Does the Online Academy Offer to You?

The Online Academy offers basic courses for the TimeWaver Pro software, TimeWaver Frequency and RealTimeWaver as well as webinar and seminar recordings on various topics.

To obtain the necessary routine in using the TimeWaver systems, all learning contents are presented with the help of short training videos and can be watched several times, parallel to the application with your own system.

Additionally, there are small exercises at the end of the training sessions.

There are separate courses for each TimeWaver system that can be chosen independently. Each course is assigned to one of the 4 levels according to our 4-step training plan.

Optimal learning success through our 4-level educational training strategy

In 2013,  the TimeWaver Academy TimeWaver four level educational training strategy was developed.

Using this training structure, you can choose among the seminars, webinars and online courses according to your level of knowledge. This makes it easy for you to find your way around and assess whether you already have the necessary knowledge to make the best use of what is being offered.

Pay attention to the level-dependent requirements for the respective offerings.

If you have any questions, please contact the TimeWaver Academy team.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

After delivery of your TimeWaver system, you will always receive an introduction from your personal user support representative.

Duration of introduction:
• TimeWaver Pro: up to 7 hours + 1/2 hour for each additional module
• TimeWaver Frequency: up to 6 hours
• TimeWaver Frequency McMakin: up to 1,5 hours
• TimeWaver BIZ: up to 7 hours + 1/2 hour for each additional module
• RealTimeWaver: up to 3 hours
• LevelWave: up to 1,5 hours

After the „Level 1“ introduction, the following webinars deal with daily application and handling of the TimeWaver systems. They are taught by our experienced trainers.

Requirements for „Level 2“:
Ideally, depending on your TimeWaver system, you should have received the instruction from your user support representative. In addition to that, the following basic knowledge of how to operate a PC is required:
• Knowledge of "PC basics": path structures, folder structures, document management, handling files, etc.
• Creating folders, files and documents
• Saving documents
• Copy and paste text

„Level 2“ webinars:
• „TimeWaver Pro training webinar with Dr. Folker Meißner“
• „Intensive practice days with TimeWaver Pro“ - We will soon be offering this seminar in addition for more in-depth study
• „TimeWaver Frequency McMakin Introduction”
• „TimeWaver Frequency McMakin CORE training webinar” (as a recording in the Online Academy)
In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in a live, paid seminar with Carolyn McMakin in October 2022.
• „TimeWaver Frequency basic course“

Users of the TimeWaver BIZ system and TimeWaver Coach system are recommended to attend the TimeWaver Pro training webinars "Level 2".

In order to broaden and enhance your work with the TimeWaver systems, we offer topic-specific seminars and webinars building on the Level 2 training seminars.

The aim of the Level 3 training is to convey therapy strategies and effective procedures for your everyday practice.

Prerequisites for Level 3:
Ideally, you should have attended the Level 2 seminars, depending on your TimeWaver system.

If you have not attended these seminars but feel confident in using the TimeWaver software and operating your PC, you are welcome to participate in the Level 3 seminars.

Fee-based Level 3 seminars:
TimeWaver Frequency McMakin ADVANCED Training Seminar

The first 3 levels of training create a broad basis for easier understanding the theories taught in Level 4.

Prerequisites for Level 4:
Ideally you should have attended the Level 3 seminars, depending on your TimeWaver system.

If you possess relevant application skills and are familiar with the training content without having attended the Level 3 seminars, you are welcome to attend the Level 4 seminars.

Fee-based Level 4 seminars:
TimeWaver Frequency McMakin INSTRUCTOR Training Seminar

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