Online Academy

In recent years, more and more people working in the healing professions have turned to new technologies and new ideas. In line with this trend, the course was set in 2011: By founding the TimeWaver Academy.

We look back on exciting years. The experiences from the last years since its foundation have shown us how enriching our trainings are for you as a user.

Our goal is for you not only to understand the theory behind TimeWaver systems, but also to be able to use them successfully in practice. We have professional instructors at our disposal who will give you an understanding of the technical handling as well as specific subject contents from the fields of medicine, business, coaching and psychology in theory and practice.

The exchange between our lecturers and TimeWaver users during the seminars and webinars offers a special space for knowledge and experience. For this we would like to thank you and the lecturers.

For a successful work with the TimeWaver systems we would like to offer you our online platform with courses as well as seminar and webinar recordings.

Just as the innovations at TimeWaver are constantly progressing and the number of users is growing, the activities and the team of the TimeWaver Academy have changed and grown in the past year.

We are pleased to support you with words and deeds in the application of the TimeWaver technology; we thank you for your loyalty as a customer and for all suggestions you make to us to improve our work.

We hope to inspire you with our offerings and attractive topics and content.

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