Welcome to the TimeWaver

Online Academy

We offer you easy to understand training for various TimeWaver systems.

Our goal is for you to get to know the TimeWaver systems better, quickly and easily summarizing the course contents. The TimeWaver Online Academy is the ideal basis for and complement to the TimeWaver Academy seminars, sustainably consolidating your knowledge.

In order to obtain the required practice in the application of TimeWaver systems, learning contents can be systematically practiced with the help of short learning videos and the learned material can then be played through several times. For this purpose, there are short exercises available at the end of each training unit.

 We also provide seminar and webinar recordings about specific topics.

Advantages of the Online Academy

You are flexible in time.

You are location independent.

You can repeat exercise units as often as you like.

Do you need help?

You are welcome to contact us.We will be glad to help you.

Let us introduce you to the TimeWaver technologies.

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